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  3. Not the fastest, nor the most comfortable, our trams are definitely the cheapest, most regal and fun way to get around the island. 

    Transporting 230 000 a day passengers a day, the Hong Kong Tramways were officially opened in 1904. Though the first person to officially drive the “Ding Dings” was a women, it was only until 1971 that they began to employ female conductors and drivers. 

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  4. Walking into a Chinese Medicine store is much like being inside a cramped museum of natural science. Curious herbs and animal bits make for a strange and exotic odour. 

    Nestled between the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island is Ko Shing Street, the heart of the wholesale herbal medicine trade, where remedies of ground pearls, sea horses, abalone, birds’ nests, dried scallops and ginseng provide a tangible link to China’s ancient past.

    Cinnabar and amber to relax the nerves, peach pits and safflower to improve blood circulation, bearþs gall to relieve pain and tranquilize, mahuang to induce perspiration and ginseng to strengthen cardiac function.

    This 5000 year old approach to healthcare, health foods and medicine is still extremely popular with Hong Kongers. More than a fifth of all medical consultations are with Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, who need a 5 year university degree, a 30 week supervised clinical internship, and to pass the licensing exam before being able to practice. 

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  5. We feel Hong Kong. This is where and who we are. 
    China, but not. 
    Both as modern and as ancient as you can get. 

    We love every nook and cranny of this city’s streets, full of surprises, where small businesses tucked away on tiny premises carrying on, selling goods, providing services and feeding us. 

    This is Chun Yeung Street one of Hong Kong’s best old-school wet markets. A beautifully ageing narrow street lined on either side with buzzy stalls selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood.

    It is also one of Hong Kong’s most unusual markets with Hong Kong’s ancient tram system running right through its centre. 

    Situated in North Point, once known as “Little Shanghai”, Chun Yeung Street is a window into a time before supermarkets, where people bought their groceries and daily necessities as and when they needed. Drawn not only by the quality and price, but for an old-world sense of community, where you know your greengrocer and butcher. And they know you. Traditionally, these markets are hot, wet and smelly. No refrigeration here. But everything on display is as fresh as it can possibly be. A world where packaging isn’t necessary, and vegetables and fruit are not clones.

    The Shanghainese influence in the area has waned over the years, and today it is home to a mostly Fujian immigrant community. Fujian cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood, is one of the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine, and the spiritual home of tea, which means the selection of foods and spices are a little more interesting -  sacha sauce (made from soybean oil, chili peppers, garlic, shallots, brill fish and shrimp), pig intestines stuffed with egg, mi soa wheat noodles and fish balls stuffed with minced meat.

    Vegetables and meat are typically sold by the catty (斤, gan in Cantonese), a traditional unit of measurement that is equivalent to half a kilo or 1.1 pounds. I’ll have one catty of Ping Pong fruit if you don’t mind sir. Mh’goi saai. 

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